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Saturday, March 25, 2017

How money helps this world go round

As in the real life, money is very important in Evermore. However, this is not the only way of acquiring fame, respect and honor. You can exchange favours, items and reputations with other players within the game.

But nonetheless, you will need money. For your teachers and trainers, for your armour, for your healer and so on. Technically, the money in Evermore consists of coins of different material, size and weight.

There are copper, silver, gold and platinum coins, with the base being a single copper coin. All other coins can be expressed in copper coins as follows:-

  • 1 silver coin is worth 10 copper coins
  • 1 gold coin is worth 100 copper coins or 10 silver coins
  • 1 platinum coin is worth 1000 copper coins or 100 silver coins or 10 gold coins

Coins are treated as normal objects you carry around,  so you can drop them, give them away, put them in sacks or put them on pedestals, etc.

Some examples for the use of money:-

  • drop 5 gold and 10 silver coins
  • give all coins to trader
  • drop 3 coins (assuming you own 1 platinum, 2 gold and 1 copper coin, this will result in dropping the copper and the 2 gold coins)

Money is, unlike other items, protected against loss when using the word 'all' in commands. So when you give all coins to a trader, you will receive change in return assuming that you had more coins than needed for your purchase.

To find out how much money you carry around, you can 'count' it. This will tell you how much you have in total. To find out which coins you possess, you must ‘look at’ coins.

To make the handling of coins easier,  you may abbreviate the coin names. So you may write:-                                          

  • '5 ccs' instead of '5 copper coins'
  • '11 scs' instead of 'eleven silver coins'
  • '2 gcs' instead of '2 gold coins'
  • '1 pc' instead of 'one platinum coin'

Note: if you have more than one coin of a type, you MUST add a 's' to the short-cut or it will not work.                                     

If you think you are carrying too much money around, and want to know that it is in a safe place, look out for a money-keeper or banker. There is one in each of the big cities (try 'help cities' in game for a list of cities), who will keep your money safe for a small fee.