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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doors barring your progress

A variety of doors exist in Evermore. Most doors are simple in function and require the player to merely open the door to continue. However, some doors may be locked. There are two types of locked doors.

Those that can be unlocked, either with a key, with the assistance of a thief, or simply by knocking on the door and waiting for the patron on the other side to open it for you.

Those that cannot be unlocked, which may be so for a variety of reasons including for your own protection, or the protection of the owner’s goods that lie on the other side. Rumors exist that these locked doors may not be so unopenable and perhaps persistence may get you to the other side where great treasures or not so great treasures await you.

Of course you may also try to destroy a door, e.g. burn, bash or kick it until it breaks apart. If you do that, you should consider that doors, which can't be opened in a normal way, perhaps shouldn't be opened at all and hence may be protected by traps or the like.