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Trading is one of the most common ways to get money. Once you have something you do not need you could just drop it, littering Evermore or you could go to one of Evermore's famous traders (shopkeeper, healer, smith, etc.) and sell it.

Selling items is easy providing that the trader buys the items you are trying to sell. You can check by asking the trader about the wares he buys and sells
(all the following phrases are just examples, you can use your own phrases):-

> say please, be so kind and show me your list

You will get a reaction like this as long as you are speaking the correct language:-

% Shat'al says: All prices are in copper coins.
% Shat'al smiles.
% Shat'al shows her list to you.
% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-        
% | Item                                           Price            Requires                          |        
% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-        
% | selling bag                                for free            nothing                          |    
% | rope                                                50            nothing                          |        
% | pelt cap                                           95            nothing                          |        
% | 10 pebbles                                     120            nothing                          |  
% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-        
% Shat'al says: I buy all items (regardless what it is).

As you can see, this trader buys everything. Now to the more complicated part of selling:-

1. Give your item(s) to the trader
> give all sheathes to shatal
% Shat'al says: I would give you 5 gold, 7 silver and 4 copper coins
% for fourteen sheathes.

2. If you like the value the trader has given, go on with step 4. If you DON'T like it, haggle about the price
> say that is too little
% Shat'al says: May the balrog find you tasty! 6 gold coins.

3. If you like the price now, go on with step 4. Otherwise redo step 2. But be careful, the trader will get pissed off if you haggle too much and will not trade with you.

4. If you decide that the price is okay, just agree with the trader
> say it is ok, i agree
% Shat'al gives 6 gold, 2 silver and 4 copper coins to you.

And that's it. If you have followed these steps, then you've sold your stuff assuming you didn't push the trader too far.


Once you've gotten enough money from selling furs, ores and weapons or by solving quests, you may notice that you need new armour or you need a specific item and this leads to the next part, buying items. Buying stuff is nearly as easy as selling it.

First you should ask about the wares the trader sells
> say what do you sell?
> say please, be so kind and show me your list

% Amas'zah says: All prices are in copper coins.
% Amas'zah smiles.
% Amas'zah shows her list to you.
% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-     
% | Item                                        Price            Requires                                   |         % -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-     
% | iron helmet                                 220            nothing                                   |     
% | steel dagger                                400            nothing                                   |     
% | dragon stiletto                             500            nothing                                   |     
% | golden chainmail                        1200            two normal ingots of gold         |     
% -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=     
% Amas'zah says: I buy all items (regardless what it is).

You can ask the trader to show you a particular item he is selling, e.g.
> say could you please show me the iron helmet?
% Amas'zah shows the iron helmet to you:
% Just a usual iron helmet. It protects your head and face against
% hits from enemies weapons.

Ahh, this is exactly the stuff you need, two helmets (you know that helmets sometimes break apart) and a chainmail.
> say i want 2 helmets and the chainmail
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: Ok, here we go:
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: two iron helmets and a golden chainmail.
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: You may give me further:
% two normal ingots of gold.
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: and 1 platinum, 4 gold and 2 silver coins.

If you don’t have enough money or have forgotten to bring the requirements with you, you can just say:-
> say forget it
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: As you wish ...

And you can go get the stuff you need.

If you have everything the trader wants (btw. in our case the trader is a smith) give it to him (or her).
> give 2 ingots of gold to smith
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: Ok, I take this.
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: and 1 platinum, 6 gold and 4 silver coins.

Now pay him and every thing is fine
> give money to smith
% Amas'zah says in Erinn: Ok, 1 platinum, 6 gold and 4 silver coins
% taken.
% Amas'zah gives 9 platinum, 8 gold, 7 silver and 2 copper coins back
% to you.
% Amas'zah gives a chainmail and two helmets to you.

Yes, you bought it!
By the way you can also haggle about the price when you are buying something!!

Oh yes and you may have noticed that the trader will give back all excess coins. This makes transactions quicker and easier.

Hint: Some traders are able to show you only parts of their list (mostly those  who’s wares are grouped together on the list). To see the groups of wares that the trader sells you may, e.g., 'say show me all groups' and the trader will do so if possible. To see only one group of wares, you may, for example, 'say show me all <group>' (where group of course has to be replaced with an existing group). So let’s say you want to buy a new sword and you meet a smith, then you simply 'say show me all swords' - if the smith doesn't have any swords for some reason or he doesn't group his wares, he will show you the whole list. So you don’t have to worry about the trader's list type - the trader will deal with that.

Cancelling a trade

One last thing, if you want to cancel a trade (regardless if you are buying or selling something), you just have to 'say forget it' and the trader will give your items and/or your money back.