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Friday, March 24, 2017

Mud Client for iPad

Playing Evermore on the iPad is nearly a little bit the charme of the past days in the beginning of the 90s, where mudded using a simple terminal and with pure telnet.

Playing Evermore on the iPad might be even interesting for non-mudders, when they travel by train (like me) for more than 10 hours, and only have a weak internet connection... and still want to play with others.

To play Evermore on the iPad, do the following steps (screenshots below):


  • Open the Appstore
  • Search 'mud client for ipad' and install it


  • Tap the '+' symbol
  • Choose 'The Lands of Evermore'
  • Tap 'The Lands of Evermore' to connect. NOTE: before you enter anything, go to preferences and deactivate 'Send Each Line With'
  • You can start playing / creating a character now.

For completeness:

  • host:
  • port: 23 or 7777