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Friday, March 24, 2017

BlowTorch is a great client to us if you want to stay connected to Evermore on your Android phone. It


  • runs reliable in the background during the whole day,
  • can inform you with a bell or short vibration if someone in the mud beeps you,
  • lets you choose small fonts to allow for a wide screen,
  • provides Ansi Color support  ( it might be necessary to change or switch off your inside Evermore colour setting),
  • provides clickable links and
  • lets you define command buttons that hover over the text area.

How to install:

Go to the Android Playstore and search for "Blowtorch". Install it.

Configure Connection to Evermore

  • Open it.
  • The first time, you will have to create connection to Evermore.
  • Type "New" button.
  • Fill in the fields:
  • Enter a display name (a connection) you like.
  • The host name is ''.
  • The port number is 23, but 7777 does also work.
  • Hit Accept!

Play and Configure Client Behavior

Now, you can choose from the Connection your newly created by touching it.

The client can be customized. Choose the '...' Menu and play around with it to find the goodies.

Check the settings under options. I, for example, use:

  •   As Encoding I use  ISO-8859-1.
  •   Window:
    •    I use Hyperlinks on
    •    Word Wrap on
    •    Break limit: Auto on, (53 in portrait mode, 81 in landscape mode)
    •    Screen on
    •    Font Size for me is 15. (This is quite small, however, I could work with even smaller fonts. Depends on eyes and display quality)
    •    Line spacing is 2
    •    Use Fullscreen Window
    •    Scrollbuffer of 300
    •    Font is monospace
  • Service:
    •   Local Echo : on
    •   Keep Wifi radio Active : on