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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chapter I - Akhran's Birth

In the beginning there was ... nothing ... I know this is incredible, but it is true. No tree, no animal, no man, no world and no god either, just void space. But then, and nowadays nobody recalls exactly when it happened, it rose, the WILL. Do not ask whence IT came, neither ask why, all of a sudden IT was present. The why or when is of no importance whatsoever, the only relevant point is - it happened. The WILL desired change and IT began to create. First, IT created the land, with deep valleys, vast plains and majestic mountains. Then IT let it rain, for days, an eternity. Founts sprang up in the mountains, uniting to rivers which filled lakes, seas, oceans. When the rain finally stopped and the sun shone again, the WILL decided to create a being which were to dwell there and to protect this new world, the world IT called 'Evermore'.

Thus Akhran was born and the WILL endowed him with divine abilities to fulfill his task.