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Friday, March 24, 2017


Currently, there are two kinds of meetings:

  • Online Meetings
  • Real Life Meetings

Online Meetings

The next Old Players (Online) Meeting is scheduled to be on October 1st, 2011! Of course, 30th of September and 2nd of October will belong to this, too!

  • see here for details
  • see here for the first online meeting, or choose from the side bar

Real Life Meetings

There are(Nearly) every year Evermore and Tubmud together arrange a real life gathering. This gives the players and wizards the chance to see who hides behind all those names and where do they come from... We are keen to organize these meetings early and keep the costs for the days as cheap as possible. There is no strict program, most of the time we simply enjoy with board games, volleyball, sitting at the bonfire etc.

The game gives you the possibility to vote for this meeting. We were glad to know as soon as possible how many people are interested, this makes organization much easier. If you are curious and interested please read about the next meeting and vote inside of the ooc area, thank you. If you are still uncertain you may look at some pictures we collected from previous meetings...

Next real life meeting is planned for 2012!