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Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Entry about Graveluth - warden of Cail-K'hamar in the Book of Citizens.

Title : Graveluth
Race : Gargoyle
Level : Archwizard
Gender : male
Profession : Fighter
Guild : Not member of a guild
Plan : Be welcome to 'The Lands of Evermore.'.

I am Graveluth of Evermore, creator of evil ideas, builder of deadly traps, warden of Cail-K'hamar, the biggest town of the empire Khamar.
May Akhran protect your life and Burin light your way, may Gaia heal your wounds and Gayesha bridle her creatures, may Jaris give you the magical power you need to stand all tests.

I welcome you to Evermore and hope you will find your way.

Yes, this is a link to my homepage :)

He last logged in at '2016-09-14 22:02:18' and logged out again at '2016-09-14 22:08:42'.

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