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Friday, March 24, 2017

About the Lands of Evermore

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The Lands of Evermore is a free, unparalleled multiplayer role-playing online game. Evermore is a medieval fantasy realm mud. The environment is one of family, friendship and cooperation. Players and wizards alike are usually willing to assist their brothers and sisters during complications. This does not mean that life is simple. Training, skills, quests and advancement require perservearance, careful thought, and a keen eye. All this can be accomplished with help from others. Role play is encouraged and the line between role and real is often blurred. Certainly the family environment lends itself to establishing real friendships, but, life can also be harsh and unforgiving, often forcing you to stand alone, especially in death. With time, patience and assistance, the status of a legendary hero can be yours!

The Lands of Evermore is mainly the Island 'Evermore' itself, but rumors say, that there are some places behind the great sea that just wait for brave adventurers to be discovered. The main land is shown on the map below. There are seven big cities: Thalasar and Lethalass'ar in the mountains, Valayan in one of the biggest forests, Abaingeat on the Calyr Lake as well as Palanthas and Elcathan in the plains. Last, but not least, Cail-K'hamar, in the south, near the desert. The cities themselves are driven by different peoples, mainly Dwarves, Drows, Elves, Humans, Kenders, and Gnomes. Other creatures so bizarre that they have yet to be categorized may live inbetween. Cut to the chase and learn how to play now or keep reading ...

What exactly is the game?

Well, The Lands of Evermore (or Evermore for short) is a text-based adventure. If you've been around a while, think of games such as Zork or Adventure. In Evermore, you "read" the world as you play and interact with it, using thousands of intuitive verb commands. Want to wield that sword you just found? You would enter "wield sword". Want to take a closer look at that desk in the secret room you just found? You would enter "examine desk" and then maybe follow up with "search desk" for a closer look. To help you out in the game, all you need to do is type "help" to give you access to Evermore's expansive help files. Beyond that, the same files are available online right here if you ever need them.

Text? You're kidding me - I want graphics!

There are a lot of games nowadays where you can get a fancy wrapper around a basic concept, but Evermore gives you something, they cannot. We guarantee you, that the world you experience will be uniquely yours. Why? Think about why the book is always better than the movie. Your imagination is the key. That dragon you saw in your head will always beat out the one some game developer drew up.

Can this be played from work?

Of course! Because it is text-based, you don't need anthing more than basic Telnet to play, meaning you can keep it secret from the boss. Of course, you'll eventually want to upgrade to a more robust gaming client (like our Fourty Pound Sparrow - the 'u' is intentionally). Some of these have strategically designed "Boss Buttons" that will instantly hide the game should you find the need.

Sounds cool, any more to say?

During your exploration of the various areas, you may join any of our fantastic guilds. These, like the Magus Imperante, the Lore of the Phoenix or the fellow knights from Uketey-inon'nu (stands for 'The Brave and Powerful' in De'shineth, the language of the Drow people) and many others, allow you to become part of a group and gives you a place to socialize with other players that share your interests. Guilds also grant you special powers, helping you to explore the vast expanses of the land.

To challenge you, Evermore offers you the chance to complete wondrous quests, scattered throughout the world (and even below and above it sometimes), tax your intellect as you attempt to solve puzzels, find items, explore dark caves, and even take on might foes to complete the quest and receive the treasured prize. Additionally, there are so called Prizes, simple taks that take mere minutes to solve, where real quests may take you months to complete.

Some of the exciting features that Evermore provides:

  • A yet small, but helpful player base to join into
  • More than 150 unique areas to explore
  • A dedicated wizard (coder/creator) base with over a century of mudding experience
  • Guilds you can join
  • Prizes and Quests you can solve
  • Skills you can train
  • Full ANSI and MXP support
  • Advanced character customization
  • Player owned houses
  • Real life friends you meet on the game
  • Real life meetings every year you can attent
  • And much much more

Come and join us!