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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chapter IV - The Great War of The Races

The situation got worse day by day and finally a disastrous war broke out. What started as small skirmishes and discrepancies at the borders, provoked by foolishness and small-minded pride, turned into an omnipresent barbarous war, bringing fear and death to even the most remote nooks of 'Evermore'. The battles spared not a single man, and a great many lost their sanity or their life. You surely wonder about Akhran now, why he did not intervene or prevent all this. To answer this question, one needs to know that a god is only as mighty as his followers and their belief in him. But none of the races would follow him. In their ignorance they accused their creator of favouring an opponent's race. Akhran was desperate. In his anguish he applied to the WILL and asked IT for help.