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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chapter V - The Birth of The New Gods

IT knew the answer. IT created another six beings to lead and guide the races, for that peace be restored once and for all in the land 'Evermore': Burin, fond of the dwarves' preferences, to placate the belligerent dwarves; Gaya and Gayesha for the graceful and deft elves of the woods; Jaris for the hard-working and ambitious humans; Yalwar as deity of the agile and smart kender and Gor-Gor for the inventors among the races, the gnomes. Akhran, the ancient god, which he was called thenceforward, decided to stay without any particular race of his own, so that he could devote himself fully to his world.

So the races lived peacefully for decades, and while they only approached each other slowly and with much effort, because old hatred is hard to overcome, there was peace in the land 'Evermore'. With the guidance of their own gods the races prospered and everyone was pleased with their god. And the gods too felt good with their task and their people.