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Friday, March 24, 2017

Chapter VI - Gor-Gors Change

Alas, someone was not all that pleased. Gor-Gor, god of the gnomes, was uncontent. The gnomes, being remarkable inventors and meticulous workers, paid him much less attention than their formidable technical acquisitions, he thought. But he wanted more, pompous ceremonies, daily prayers and offerings. Since the gnomes would not accept this, he created compliant, brainless servants for himself. The gnomes, an untroubled and peaceful people, were terrified and forsook their former god. Burin had pity on the now confused and anxious people and admitted it to his following. Gor-Gor however was now only the god of the evil creatures in 'Evermore', and enraged by his deeds the other gods banned him from their circle. Gor-Gor has since been known as the Cursed God.