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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fourty Pound Sparrow

The Fourty Pound Sparrow is Evermore's very own MUD client. It is written in Java and thus available on nearly all operating systems.



Linux Installer

3.0 M


Windows Installer

2.8 M


General archive usable on all platforms

1.6 M

MacOS application package

1.8 M
  • Released on Fri, 19th November
  • Multi session support
  • Wizard/tabbed mode
  • Prefer UTF-8 Support
  • On Windows: second mouse button pastes into input line
  • Ice plugin extension for plugin framework demonstration
  • An open plugin interface, so if you like to code in Java, you can contribute one or the other extension. Maybe this triggers further internal improvements. For a description, see Extending the FPS. For other examples, see