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Friday, March 24, 2017

Moving around

Moving about the land is simple. In most rooms, you will see exits listed at the end of the description,

You can see three exits: east, northeast and south.

Just type 'e', 'ne', or 's' to take these exits and move into another room. You may sometimes have the option of moving up, down, in, out or climbing up or down.

A good, in-game, aid is the map shown to the left of the room description, which gives a good overview of your current position. Let's take an example from Lethalass'ar, the capital of the Drow.

|/\|/\| The central hall. -C--C--C- This is the southern part of the central hall. To the south, |\/|\/| a sign placed above an inviting entry tells everyone that this |/\|/\| is the place for all adventurers to complete their equipment. -C--@--C The narbondel rises high to the ceiling north from here. | | You can see five exits: east, north, northwest, northeast and west.

Important for us here is the last line of the description, starting with 'You can see...' and the map left of the description. You will always see only the OBVIOUS exits in a room. But first let’s come to the different symbols in the map. Your actual position is always shown as a '@' sign in the map. In addition to the possible exits, the adjacent rooms (and their type) are displayed. The room type can be:-

  • 'C' - is a cave
  • 'O' - is an outside room (e.g. in a village)
  • 'I' - is an inside room (e.g. in a house)
  • 'F' - is in a forest
  • 'M' - is in the mountains
  • 'D' - is in a desert
  • 'S' - is in a swamp
  • 'P' - is in the plains
  • '#' - too bright or too dark to see 

As already mentioned, you will only see OBVIOUS exits in the map as well as in the description. In the above example, at your current position, there is another exit to the south, but it is invisible as the shop door is closed. It will only show up on the map if you open the door.

You can enable or disable the map using the 'set' command.

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