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Friday, March 24, 2017

HTML Client

For security and for other obscure reasons, there are firewalls around. To allow you accessing Evermore despite these obstacles, we provide a plain client that is based on the HTML protocol, thus, should work under most circumstances. 

Be aware, that it is very simple.

  • if the connection cannot be established, it might be that the server for the client is not running. This is rarely the case, but do not hesitate to send us an email and we start it. We might inform you about start (or deeper trouble), e.g., via reply or via EvermoreMud on
  • The connection time is timed. If you wait to long, say, you are distracted by real life, the connection is closed. A simple reload or reconnect won't work usually. Solution is to find the cookie for this page and delete it. For example, if you use Firefox, go to Edit - Preferences - Privacy , choose deleting individual cookies, choose and/ or, and remove this cookie. Then, re-open the client window/ reload it.